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 Capcom: New Strider Game A Possibility

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PostSubject: Capcom: New Strider Game A Possibility   Capcom: New Strider Game A Possibility EmptyThu 25 Dec 2008, 7:54 pm

Capcom: New Strider Game A Possibility Stride10
Quote :

In a recent interview with 1UP, Capcom boss Keiji Inafune talks with James Mielke about a variety of subjects, ranging from Mega Man to the differences between American and Japanese teriyaki burgers. One theme remains prevalent, though, and that’s remaking classic series on current gen hardware.

For several of Capcom’s big franchises (Mega Man, Breath of Fire) Inafune’s answer on creating a new, up-to-date remakes was basically no; but Capcom wished they had the time and resources to do so. One classic Capcom series seems to be primed for a possible resurgence, though, and that’s Strider.

“But since making the HD remix of Street Fighter II and Street Fighter IV, there’s a possibility that we could make another Strider game,”
said Inafune. “It’s one of the franchises that I have an interest in reviving, so I think there’s a real possibility that we will make another Strider game.”

For those too young to recognize the name, Strider was one of Capcom’s first arcade hits, and its Sega Genesis port is widely considered one of the top titles to ever release on the console. We last saw the franchise in 2000, when Strider 2 came out on the original PlayStation, got great reviews, and failed to sell.

Unlike Clover Studios’ titles, however, Inafune seems set on giving Strider Hiryu another shot at the big leagues. I for one can only hope that Inafune gets his way and we hear about a new Strider title sometime in the near future.

source: http://www.gamecyte.com/capcom-a-real-possibility-that-we-will-make-another-strider-game/comment-page-1

if they can try and remake this like they did the with Ninja Gaiden, I'm all for it. A HD remake of the original will be pretty hot for the XBL/PSN section
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Capcom: New Strider Game A Possibility
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