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 SportSCenter Rules

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PostSubject: SportSCenter Rules   SportSCenter Rules EmptyThu 25 Dec 2008, 2:47 am

WIY SportSCenter Rules

* #1 No false headlines. For instance, using a quote that a person did not say. Make sure your thread title is accurate or it may be deleted.

* #2 No cuss words in thread titles including the word "nigga". If your thread title is changed or edited, take it as a warning and don't question it.

* #3 Racism will be dealt on a case by case basis. Given that slang terms are generally accepted among communities that are present on this board, words used in casual greeting will not be warned. Any racist term used in HATE however will result in a 5 point warning. After a certain number of warnings on a case by case basis, you will be banned. Each incident will be determined by moderators whether or not it is racism and will be treated as such. (Don’t press or challenge us with this rule, moderators will not be lenient with the slightest use of racism on this board.)

* #4 ALL previously banned users can be insta-ban'd without prior warning if it is shown that the user is still acting in a manner in which he was previously banned for. Previously banned users do not have an endless amount of new username chances. If a user has been banned more than their fair share of times, that previously banned user will be insta-ban'd with prejudice and w/o warning and may be IP banned as well.

* #5 Use the stickies provided to you. Example: DO NOT request stream links in the main WIY-SC. There is a thread provided to you specifically for it. USE IT.

* #6 If your thread/post is deleted, DO NOT POST IT AGAIN! Take it as a warning that something was definitely wrong with it. If you don't agree that something was wrong with your post, contact a Moderator / Administrator

* #7 Spamming will result in a ban.

* #8 Absolutely no advertising or referral links anywhere in the WIY-SC or WIY period. That includes all websites similar or in competition to WIY. Failure to do so could result in ban or temporary suspension of WIY use.

* #9 PLEASE make use of team threads. There are NFL, MLB, NCAA and NBA team threads for team discussion. USE THEM. Training camp reports, minor trade rumors, team opinions and ____ >>> threads will be merged to the appropriate team thread. Infractions and warnings may also be issued.

* #10 Use the search feature before posting a new thread to make sure you are not posting a thread on the same subject as someone who may have already posted it before you.

* #11 Watch your language. Excessive use of bad language used to provoke other members can result in an infraction/ban.
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SportSCenter Rules
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