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 Retaining core competencies

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PostSubject: Retaining core competencies   Retaining core competencies EmptyFri 23 Jul 2010, 2:40 am

To carry out its core business process, companies need resources such as labour, materials, machines, information technology and so on. Many companies today outsource less critical resources if they can be obtained at better quality and comparatively lower cost. In the olden days everything from the beginning to the end was managed by the companies themselves. Core competencies are considered to be more advantageous as it provides significant contribution to perceived customers through its application in wide variety of markets. The main factor is that, its is difficult for the competitors to imitate.

Competitive advantage accrues to those companies that possess distinctive capabilities, where as core competencies tend to refer to areas of special technical and production expertise. Competitive advantage ultimately derives from how well the company has fitted its core competencies and distinctive capabilities into tightly formed interlocking system. The main target of every company of these are the youth or the middle aged people. Even if it is not the targeted group, there is something that makes everyone attractive towards certain things.

As far the marketers are considered their tool to capture or reach on the customers is the advertisement. It can either be intensive or extensive depending upon the target of the companies. Youth are the shining stars of these days, whatever they do is considered to be as the new trend by our modern society. It has made looking for teen models an inevitable part of marketing and thereby to the marketers. In order to retain the core competency, companies have to give extra care and stress on its activities.
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Retaining core competencies
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